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Log Corner Styles

butt and pass log corner

Butt and Pass Corner

partial cope corner

Partial Cope Corner

saddle notch corner

Saddlenotch Corner

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Round Vertical Log Corner

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Square Vertical Log Corner

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Minnesota log cabins

A cabin with eight inch rustic hewn half log siding and butt and pass corners

log siding MinnesotaRustic half log siding enhances the weather-tight qualities of your home. Since four to six inch thick siding is installed over a conventionally framed and insulated wall, it creates an impervious barrier between your living area and the exterior elements. R-values increase when half log is applied to the exterior of a typical wall. Combine exterior log walls with the corresponding interior log walls and you create a home that is very economical to heat and cool. Kiln-dried rustic half log siding is a natural finish for your home or building. It provides the look and feel of full-log construction at an affordable cost. You can save time and money using rustic hewn half log siding on your newhome or existing building.

The rustic true half log siding we build with is available in 7", 8", 10" and 12" heights. The thickness of these options ranges from three to five inches. All of the corner options we offer are available in the same heights as the half log. We also have a thinner "log siding" availabe that comes in 6", 8" and 10"options and is 2 3/8" thick.

Full log construction is also available through Keen Construction, Inc. While the trend seems to be shifting to half log construction we do build will full log construction each year. Our standard logs are available in 8" and 10" heights with thickness being 10". With our ful log construction option the main floor walls will be built with full logs with the upper level, upper gables, dormers and garages being stick framed with matching half log applied.


Partial cope corners with 12" rustic hewn half log

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